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Monday 29th June 2009
Why Go Organic?

There are many reasons for living an organic life. Here is a quick run down of some of the most important:

Good Health Organic food is free of pesticides and other harmful additives like hydrogenated oils, aspartame and MSG. Pesticides used in conventional food production enter the body during food consumption and have been linked to ill health, especially in children. Organic food is generally higher in essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and calcium than conventionally produced food too.

Best of all it tastes great! Organic soil grows strong healthy plants that are great to eat.

It's Better for the Environment Organic farmers strive for sustainable food production. To that end, the land is nurtured rather than exploited, this results in healthier soil. No chemicals or pesticides are used that can contaminate local soil and water supplies. Organic farmers are less of a burden on energy and water supplies too.

Natural areas surrounding farmland such as hedges and wetlands are also preserved to help maintain the local ecosystem and encourage wildlife.

By buying locally produced organic food, you can also help the environment by reducing the amount of food miles associated with your diet and hence reduce your own carbon footprint.

Animal Welfare Rearing animals solely for the purpose of eating them is a contentious issue but organic farmers ensure that while the animals lives may be short, they lead a proper life. Organically reared animals are generally free to roam the pasture and eat a natural diet free of animal fodder containing artificial additives. Animal welfare is taken far more seriously on organic farms. Because of their living conditions, the animals are healthier and do not need the large amounts of antibiotics given to barn reared animals.

It is well Regulated Standards for organic farms are very high and are regulated by European Union Law. All certified organic farms are trusted sources of organic produce and are regularly inspected. This ensures the consumer can buy with confidence.

Organic produce is widely available It is easy to find organic alternatives for most, if not all natural foods. In addition, the organic standards are expanding to incorporate other industries such as organic clothing and cosmetics.

Above all, organic practices are sustainable. This is becoming ever more important with increasing climate change and the high-energy demands of the mainstream food production industry. Supporting organic farmers ensures that there will be healthy soil and crops for future generations.

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