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Monday 4th May 2009
Organic Clothing

The Organic clothing industry, as with most organic industries, is concerned with many issues in the production of their clothing. These include the sourcing or fabrics and fibres, ethical production and sustainable clothing. A wealth of organic clothing providers have sprung up over the last few decades and that number is steadily growing as more and more people begin to consider the ethics involved in fashion and clothing production. In addition, many people who are intolerant to commonly used chemicals are finding respite in the organic clothing market.

Conventionally grown cotton uses a staggering amount of pesticides and fertilizers during the growing and harvesting process. This continues with chemical cleaning and dyeing. The by products of this process are often chemically contaminated soil and largely inedible plant remains. Organically produced cotton uses natural biological composts to prepare the land and manage the growing process without chemicals. Low impact dyes and cleaners are also used to process the cotton.

Similarly, organically produced wool does away with chemical fertilizers for the grazing land and doesn't use pesticides in sheep dips. Sheep in conventional wool farms are also often given large amounts of antibiotics to promote growth. These drugs can then contaminate the water table and surrounding land.

It is also important in ensure that production of fabrics is done in an ethical way. Organic clothing suppliers will insist that the workers are given a fair wage and obviously will not use sweat shops or child labour. Stringent standards are emerging to ensure sustainable clothing is produced. These include using renewable energy and biological or recycled components where ever possible.

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JaneRadriges said, 13th Jun 2009 @ 12:21
The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you  

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