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Monday 4th May 2009

The word organic is commonly heard these days in the media, advertising and government pronouncements. But what does it all mean? In truth, many countries have their own definitions regarding what constitutes organic produce but they all follow similar lines. In this section we have compiled some articles to help explain the concepts involved, and advice on living an organic lifestyle.

Organic produce includes all kinds of food and beverages of course, but also products you might not expect, such as organic clothing and cosmetics.

Recent Organic articles

Monday 29th June 2009
Why Go Organic?

There are many reasons for living an organic life. Here is a quick run down of some of the most important: Good Health Organic food is free of pesticides and other harmful additives like hydrogenated oils, aspartame and MSG. Pesticides used in c
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Monday 4th May 2009
Organic Clothing

The Organic clothing industry, as with most organic industries, is concerned with many issues in the production of their clothing. These include the sourcing or fabrics and fibres, ethical production and sustainable clothing. A wealth of organic clothing
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Pollen Organics
In: Guildford
Tasty organic convenience foods made from certified organic ingredients sourced locally where possible.
Aconbury Sprouts
In: Hereford
Suppliers of fresh organic beansproats, wheatgrass and sprouted seeds in rural Herefordshire.
Riverside and Roath Farmers' Markets
In: Cardiff
Up to 30 suppliers at each market day selling fresh local Welsh and organic food.

Roath market: Every Saturday morning (9:30 to 1pm)
Riverside market: Every Sunday (10am to 2pm)
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