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Tuesday 28th July 2009
Manure From Organic Dairy Cows a Viable Fertilizer

Manure has been used as fertilizer for agricultural soil since the dawn of arable farming, but recent research shows that manure from organic diary cows contains many more slow release minerals and plant nutrients than manure from conventionally farmed co
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Tuesday 16th June 2009
A Natural Answer to Pesticide Contamination

A new answer to the problem of pesticide polluted streams and soil has been discovered in a joint investigation by Spanish and Moroccan researchers. The team found that a number of natural organic waste products and the leaves of some plants are very effe
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Friday 12th June 2009
Is your organic milk fake?

The UK consumer is waking up to organic milk. We have seen a 50% rise in sales of organic milk in the last two years as people become more conscious of environmental effects and animal welfare. The sorry fact is that demand actually outstrips supply here,
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Wednesday 20th May 2009
Inbred Dairy cattle suffer health problems says RSPCA

The RSPCA has come out claiming that many of Britain's 2 million dairy cows are "more inbred than pedigree dogs". This leaves the animals less resistant to disease, and as a result are more likely to suffer long term health problems. Many of the cattle ar
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Pollen Organics
In: Guildford
Tasty organic convenience foods made from certified organic ingredients sourced locally where possible.
Aconbury Sprouts
In: Hereford
Suppliers of fresh organic beansproats, wheatgrass and sprouted seeds in rural Herefordshire.
Riverside and Roath Farmers' Markets
In: Cardiff
Up to 30 suppliers at each market day selling fresh local Welsh and organic food.

Roath market: Every Saturday morning (9:30 to 1pm)
Riverside market: Every Sunday (10am to 2pm)
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