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Friday 26th June 2009
Melting Glaciers Force New Border Agreement in the Alps

Climate change is causing a dramatic rift in the Alps and the creation of two distinct climatic zones. The shocking discovery has revealed that the southern areas are receiving considerably less snow and hence drying out, while the northern Alps have seen
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Wednesday 24th June 2009
Is Bio Fuel an Answer to Jet Fuel Carbon Emissions

A humble weed by the name of Camelina Sativa is causing a stir in aviation circles and has been proposed as a way to cut the carbon footprint of the aeronautical industry. The plant is native to Northern Europe and has traditionally been harvested as a
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Tuesday 23rd June 2009
A Fishy Mad Cow Disease Scare

American neurologist Dr Robert P. Friedland has sparked fresh concerns today for the nations food supplies after he suggested a link between farm raised fish and Creutzfeldt Jakob disease (CJD). He made the claims in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, an
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Wednesday 17th June 2009
A New Technique to Measure Carbon Dioxide from Space

The European Space agency in conjunction with INESC Porto has developed a new system for measuring levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) from space. The system is designed for use in satellites and has hence been optimised for efficiency and a minimal foot print
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Tuesday 16th June 2009
A Natural Answer to Pesticide Contamination

A new answer to the problem of pesticide polluted streams and soil has been discovered in a joint investigation by Spanish and Moroccan researchers. The team found that a number of natural organic waste products and the leaves of some plants are very effe
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Riverside and Roath Farmers' Markets
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Roath market: Every Saturday morning (9:30 to 1pm)
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