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At we aim to provide advice on how to live organically and healthily, how and where to buy local organic food and other produce, recipes and info about organic events in your area.

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Delayed Cleanup of Australian Oil Spill »

The continued gushing of oil from the West Atlas oilrig into the Timor Sea threatens to become one of the worst environmental disasters in Australian history. The rig has been leaking oil at an...
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Rhino Poaching Set to Hit 15 Year High »

Increased demand fuelled by the Asian traditional medicine industry has caused increased levels of Rhino poaching throughout southern African nations. An average of twelve rhino killings a month...
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Welsh Assembly to Tax Plastic Bags »

Throwaway plastic items have come to represent one of the greatest failings in modern society. So-called "white" pollution is a striking reminder of the recycling problems facing us today. You only...
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Organic supplier updates

Pollen Organics
In: Guildford
Tasty organic convenience foods made from certified organic ingredients sourced locally where possible.
Aconbury Sprouts
In: Hereford
Suppliers of fresh organic beansproats, wheatgrass and sprouted seeds in rural Herefordshire.
Riverside and Roath Farmers' Markets
In: Cardiff
Up to 30 suppliers at each market day selling fresh local Welsh and organic food.

Roath market: Every Saturday morning (9:30 to 1pm)
Riverside market: Every Sunday (10am to 2pm)
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